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Girls, at a topless beach, would you go topless? How about wearing a thong bikini?
Which of the two would you be more likely to do (if either) and why?
I'd do both, you have to be comfortable in you're own skin and have confidence ... I'm bi-racial (Greek, russian, caucasian) kind of like brazilian people so it's kind of in my culture to be care free about having a little amount of clothes on ! ahaha but not in a slutty way though, more exotic ! I especially hate having tan lines on my butt so I tan with a thong ... I don't really go topless though because it is my pride to have bikini top tan lines in my culture !
Have you ever went up and talked to a girl you never met b4.. sunbathing (in bikini) or topless on the beach?
I never have, I reckon they would get pretty embarassed..
Don't be shy. Just go up to them and start talking. If they don't want to be bothered, they will tell you to buzz off. Just be well-groomed, friendly, polite, well-mannered, and non-threatening. Say something funny like, "I've been taking a survey, and you are the cutest girl on the beach." Be complimentary, "I like your hair, smile, bikini, whatever." Perhaps you could offer to get them a cold drink or ice cream bar. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
I'm going to the beach in Valencia (spain) next week. What to the girls wear on the beach?
We're all 17 (2 friends of mine and I, all girls). I wanted to know if I should go topless on the beach or if I should just wear a bikini. Can I go to the beach naked if I want to? What's the norm there?
I would caution against going to the beach naked in Valencia. Thong bikinis are very much mainstream there, and you can then decide whether or not you feel comfortable going topless.
I went to a nude beach in Miami and got an erection lying next to three teenage girls? I felt bad. Is this ok?
I went to a nude beach for the first time last weekend and surprisingly got completely naked and enjoyed it. I found myself wanting to place my beach towel near the girls who were at the beach. Surprisingly many girls went topless or wore a thong or bikini and didnt get nude. For some reason I really got off lying nude next to them being naked. Often times they would look and sometimes I would get some giggles cause I am only an inch flaccid. I must have been at the beach all day long. Finally towards the end, I saw three teenage girls probably 13-18 years old and lied next to them, and got an erection. They seem amused and were laughing. I knew they were younger and thats probably why they stared and giggled but for some reason I got so turned on by being at this nude beach. My question is it wrong to go for this reason? Is it ok to go to a clothing optional beach to show off your body. I never approached any girls or made any lewd remarks or anything and dont want to. Please help.
Don't feel like it's unnatural to get an erection. Of course it's ok. I'm sure it wasn't the first time that they have seen a guy turned on by them, so it's ok. Teenage girls at a nude beach? That doesn't sound right to me, though. Where were their parents? As young as 13 years old? Hmmmmmmm........
What do you girls like to wear on the beach ?
I'm guessing that girls who answer this question will be from all different parts of the world so it'll be good to get different views/faishons/ customs & tastes. I spend a lot of time in UK, France, Greece, Spain, Italy. so I generally sunbathe topless, or wear a nice bikini. I see pics of women in Brazil who wear thongs, they look so sexy. I might try this. I am going to USA soon.......what is the rules on beach wear there... I hear they are strict/prudes ?
As little as possible.(w/o burning)
What is the difference bitween pornstars and normal girls and ladies now adays?
what is the difference bitween pornstars and girls now adays who wear micro bikinis,thongs,topless on beach and lying in positions
No diffrence, they're all slutty lol
Have you ever gone topless at a beach ladies?
I am going home to Brazil for a few days with some friends from Miami. They are very hesitant to go topless with bikini bottoms only with me in Rio. How many of you American girls have ever done the topless thing?
i have gone topless manytimes but depends were your at. sometimes i like to wear a really short t-shirt that shows your underboob cleavage.
Going to the beach in Spain (Valencia). What do the girls wear?
We're all 17 (2 friends of mine and I, all girls). I wanted to know if I should go topless on the beach or if I should just wear a bikini. Can I go to the beach naked if I want to? What's the norm there?
It will depend on what other people are doing... take a bikini top with you, and if everyone else is topless, then go topless too.

It's very risky though- can you imagine how painful it'd be to sunburn your nipples? And how potentially dangerous it is?

If it were me, I'd keep my top on and just fake tan it. An all over tan doesn't seem worth the risk.
Do younger girls go topless in Northern Europe?
I spent a few days in Denmark several years back. I went to the beach a couple of times. The women there didn't know what a bikini top was! I didn't notice any teenagers on the beach, but then it was school time. Do girls there go topless from when they are small, or do they go through a "shy phase" in their early teens, and grow out of it later?
In a lot of places there are topless beaches. I went to France on holiday last year and some of the french women went topless. There were hardly any teens topless so I think it must be an age thing, however there was one girl about 25 I would say who wasn't wearing anything at all!

Girls comfortable looking at other girls?
I'm not sure about the title of this but anyhow...
How do you girls feel about looking at girls wearing bikinis, girls as cheerleaders, or even topless, on a beach for example. I've never understood why there is so much bitching amoungst girls about how other girls look. i know some of its jelousy but other girls are uncomfortable around girls who are aren't wearing much. I've never been bothered at all, its not as if they've got anything i havent.
it doesnt bother me at all
i dont undertand the jelousy factor and then constant bitching either
i think some girls are so insecure about themelves that they are threatened if the see another girl who the believe to be beter looking than they are

im 100% comfortable with my body, and can apprieciate that some girls look nicer than me in a bikini. i can say wow, she looks good to my boyfriend and not feel a pang of jelousy or the need to call her names when he has a look

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