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All Comments

Parents what would you do if your teen told you to **** off ?
I am the teen in the situation and I told my dad to **** off.
You shouldn't of said that to your dad.
I have just crossed teen age so as usual i also want to **** som1 so should i go for a prostitute or not !!!!!?
answer me quick
I think you shouldn't do anything. All this passing from teen years to adult year stuff if screwed!! Why would you want to do it with someone you don't know?? You are screwed man!
Why the **** do adults always think us teens arent really in love?
Gosh i'm sorry for using the f word but seriously YOU COULD BE IN LLOVE AT ANY AGE. but damn the grown-ups say your too young to know what love is blah blah blah.
Because most adults are idiots and don't remember what it was like to be a teenager (I'm 54). I remember being intensely in love as a teenager, and it was very real. As JIm Croce once said in his song Alabama Rain, "We were only guys, but then I've never heard it said, that guys can't fall in love and feel the same".
I know its a small demographic but is there a teen crossdressing forum or website?
Im a teen cross dresser and If you dont like that you can **** off because im one of the pretty ones,But anyway My parents forbid me to dress up so i was wondering if there was atleast a place online where i could be me,Any help would be nice
I'm not sure, but if you find any I would warn you to steer clear. Anything that advertises itself as being "for teens" and is even a little strange (I'm sorry, but you know that cross-dressing would be called strange in our culture) it will be infested by dirty old men pretended to be teens. I worked for an internet security company for years that did work with the FBI, and they estimated that on "teen" sites, 3 out of 5 people claim to be younger than they really are. Be careful.
Why do some teen guys do this?
I am a teen guy to (19)...but I want to know why some teen guys think that if they talk and laugh really loud they sound cooler and will get more chicks. Do they not understand it does nothing and just makes them look guyish and annoying as ****. If assault wasn't a crime everytime a guy was going this they would get my fist in their face.
I think its because if they talk and laugh really loud it shows their confidence, or their just immature or its just their personality. Talking loud kinda shows that their outgoing and they seem easier to approach, but yeah it can get annoying.
Why do guys of the ages 18-20 always say somthing bad after they **** up the cemestry how i find a good guy?
i dont know what to do anymore im a teen im 17 going on 18 . ive always dated guys older than me but now it seems i cant find a guy who i like or likes me like i think he does... ima libra . and very golable also too nice .. can you help me out?
That is because about 99% of guys in that age bracket are immature and only think about getting a girl to brag about having one and to have sex with her.

What I suggest you do is to find a guy that will respect you for who you are. These days, there are less guys like that, but if you learn how to spot them, you will notice them. There are guys that will date a girl because of her personality, and not for having sex and getting wasted all the time.

Believe me, there are good guys out there, and when you find one, give him a chance, and you'll see the difference right away.

I wish you luck. You sound like a nice girl, and I hope you can find a guy that you will like and that he will treat you well.
Is it just like the teen mindset to?
Think where you grew up is a small hick town and want to get away. I fekt that way for a long time and then realized Holy **** I live in a ******* thriving city! I guess it's natural instinct to want to get far away from daddy and mom so you can start a new family?
Yep, that sounds normal.

But not start a family. I don't want guys. I'll be happy with me and a husband and LOTS OF MONEY instead of guys.
Where can a 18 year old homeless teen go?,IS THEIR ANY PROGRAMS?
My mother wants me out the house, and school is going down hill. Everything in my life is **** up!!!!
See a school counselor or talk to some adult you know...teacher, friend's parent, aunt, uncle, someone. You NEED to talk to someone and truck things off your chest and get some good advice.
Im starting to hate the best hangout spot but my girlfriend loves it?
The best hang out spot is the graveyard behind the movies. I wonder why not the movies but anyways I getting really tired and its to crowded on the weekends from 7-10 pm lil guys sit there and play spin the bottle. 11-sunrise teens **** in the graveyard it's a like ******* in the middle becuase there's so many people. But the thing is my girlfriend loves the graveyard she loves to just there and do nothing. How do I tell her I'm getting tired of it.
You don't have to tell her. Take her somewhere else and have more fun there than you have at the graveyard, and she won't want to go there anymore.
If she just wants to sit around and do nothing, stay at home.

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