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Why is it okay to see girls in their skimpy bikinis when at a pool or beach, but not a bra and thong?
Why is it that you could go to a beach or a pool with a girl who is just a friend and see her in a nice looking bikini, but afterwards when she is changing and you see her in a bra and thong (as a result of her not thinking, not my fault), she gets freaked out and embarrassed? I know one is 'underwear' but they both have similar coverage..
Usually because a bikini is designed to be worn as the only article of clothing where as a bra and thong are not there are a few key difference then
1. bras/thongs are usually thinner and more shear
2. bras/thongs are usually looser fitting
3. there is in usually a coverage difference (bikinis usually covering a little more)
Also there is the privacy issue a bikini is something they choose to wear in public wear as underwear is more personal and private, something that is meant to be seen by only those very close to you
Girls who wear skimpy bikinis on the beach... dont you worry perverts are filming you ?
so i just stumbled on to this video on you tube.. its basically two girls in skimpy binkiniss.. i think they are thongs...and they are just hanging out at the beach ... doing nothing bad....but still its a little creepy.. doesnt this bother you ?

Additional Details
i mean .. i kind of feel bad for those girls.. but .. you know.. a bikini is beach appropirate... so they arent doing anything wrong...!!

just wondering..if they knew they were being filmed would they feel differnt ?
The government films you everywhere anyway. We have bigger things to worry about than horny guys on a beach. Besides, if you're comfortable with people staring at you on the beach in the first place, why would you care if people are staring at you on their cameras later on?

Answer mine please?…
Guys: are you turned on when you see girls in bikinis?
why do i always get excited when i see photos of girls in bikinis or wearing skimpy clothes? is this normal?
NO!! I mean not at all. But look every one has their own likings. I am almost turned off on seeing girls in bikinis or totally nude.

It does not mean I am a gay, I start smoking on seeing short shirts, a bit too short, and tight, low, leather jeans/trousers on girls.

I think It is making some sense....
Why is it that girls are confortable wearing skimpy bikinis, thigh clothing, and raveling dresses.?
And .. ALL BIKINIS AND SWIMSUITS ARE SKIMPY .. even the one peices are too skimpy ..!!! ..If you cant wear it in church than dont wear .. Okay . so i sound like prude.. but i am really not.. i just want to know.. why are women confortable showing so much skin in places, and really leaving nothing to the imagination .. is it just femenine vanity and wanting to show off... .. ? just trying to understand how women feel about displaying their bodies in such ways, and were is the cut off point.. at what point does it just become wrong to show too much skin .. ? topless beach . nude beach .. lol.. tight spandex.. lol. i mean .... spandex shows everything... but just not skin.. ?? can someone please explain this female logic to me.. ?
Bikinis are great for the beach because they are the comfortable and practical thing to wear in the water. When I get out of the water I don't want waterlogged clothing clinging to my body. Sure, bikinis look good, but they are very practical too. And why would you want your girlfriend to wear clothing that leaves something to the imagination? Do you want other guys imagining what your girlfriend's body is like. That would mean that they would need to think about it even more! I think the only part of the body that a woman needs to cover is the vagina. I cover my boobs because it's the law and other guys will look at them sexually. And they need to be held in so they don't bounce around when I'm moving about, so there's a practical side to it too. My belly does enough bouncing anyway! The only reason to cover the stomach is if the stomach is so fat that it needs to be supported. But I don't think there's anything wrong with showing off boobs either. Thongs are okay because there's nothing sexual about the bum, though I still cover mine because some guys might get the wrong idea. If you think about bikinis from a purely logical standpoint there's no reason for other swimsuit types to exist.
Why do american girls wear skimpy clothes like bikini?
Don't they feel uncomfortable if strangers see their half naked bodies on the beaches? Isn't it like sharing your body with another person in the absence of your hubby?
Not all american girls wear bikini's espcially the skimpy ones me and all of my friends wear shorts and a swim top because we would not feel comfortable showing that much skin.
What do you think of young girls 5-11 years old, wearing skimpy bikinis?
I went to a party and saw a very young girl in a tiny tight bikini and idk... I stared in shock.
Idk if that's okay or not, but I freaked a little. I never wore something like that when I was that little, and I'm 17...

What do you think?
Well, I don't think they have anything to show, so I don't mind.
Why does my dad find girls in skimpy clothing inappropriate?
My dad is way overprotective. I am 15 years old so when i see a girl in a skimpy bikini im like, o ya! but he's like woah omg i cant believe that she's wearing that. For instance we went to my sister's friends graduation party and the graduates sister was in a bikini. She goes to my school is in my grade and is totally hot. Anyway, on the ride home my dad is like can you believe her parents let her wear that type of bikini. Another instance is when he records Bridget's Sexiest Beaches on the travel channel. He is watching, i come down, and all of a sudden he is like this is inappropriate for us both. I cant believe that skimpy bikini. And he always comments on low cut tops and short skirts. He expects me to agree with him. I don't think he knows that i have had sex with 5 girls just this year or that i watch porn and masturbate daily, but why is he like this. My friends parents arent like this, in fact the encourage their sons looking at hot girls. One of my friends dad bought him the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. Why is my dad like this?
He wants to make sure that you treat women with dignity and respect. However, five girls in a year means you do not. You only see them as sex objects.

Women are people and not just the holders of the "fun bits". dad was brought up differently. It's not right or wrong, but he wants to instill in you something you are already rejecting
Girls wearing bikinis and men's thoughts.?
I have a Q. for guys, but girls can answer 2. With summer approaching, the pools will be opened, & the beaches will b swarming with citizens who wear such little clothing.
1st. off let me say; I am a Christian, & I PERSONALLY believe that wearing skimpy clothes & bikinis is not right 4 me, because I don’t feel like I have 2 show off anything 2 anybody (And no, I am not overweight, or anything like that… I’m very athletic 17 year old girl & I have a decent body.) Also I don’t want to cause my brothers in Christi 2 stumble.
2nd, let me say I have absolutely nothing against girls who choose to wear bikinis, I do not think they are sluts, or anything - It’s just my preference to not wear 1.
My Q. is this. What do guys think when they see a girl wearing a modest tankini ( 2 piece bathing suit but covers the stomach) a 1 piece-or even a rash guard (surfer shirt over a bikini) ? I have had good guy friends come up 2 me and say “Thank you 4 wearing that.” But is that seriously the norm?
Some tankinis and one-pieces are suuuper cute and I have nothing against them at all. I think it's awesome that you stand up for what you believe in, and guys that have a problem with it are just too immature and dumb to understand. i mean, it's just a bathing suit..
Is it legal to stare at Pretty girls in a public place?
im not talking about following or stalking or suggestive gestures, im talking about if there is a girl you think is very hot and you cant keep your eyes off her when you cross paths can she legally try to stop you from looking at her? kinda like going to the beach to look at girls in there bikinis, can they do anything other than asking you to stop? am aloud to stare at girls in skimpy cloths?
Yes, you're allowed to stare. No, you can't do anything more than that. If they ask you to stop and you continue to make it weird then it may be construed as harassment.
Girls who wear bikinis on the beach... arent you worried perves are watching ?
so i just stumbled on to this video on you tube.. its basically two girls in skimpy binkiniss.. i think they are thongs...and they are just hanging out at the beach ... doing nothing bad....but still its a little creepy.. doesnt this bother you ?
They dress like that for a reason, they WANT people to look. Not a bad thing. They are wmbrassing their bodies and themselves! You go girls in bikinis! :D
p.s.I wear bikini's and don't care if people are starring at me because I am at peace with my self-body image :)

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