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Who sings the song butt *** naked?
I found this hilarious song on you tube called butt *** naked with the words parker's car wash in it, but I cannot find out who sang this song. If anyone can help that would be great, would love to download it for a party that I am having. Thanks!!!
I don't know. However, Hank Williams Jr. also does a song called "Butt Naked". I believe it is on his Wild Streak CD.
Is it ok for a female friend to show her half naked *** to her gay guy friend?
Here is the story I am now dating a girl in which I am getting to know her a lot more better. The questions here is. Before I met her she went on a cruise to cabo with her Guy Gay friend. Is so happened that I was fixing her computer and I ran into pictures of her showing her naked *** on a slim g string to this gay guy friend. Should I assume she had sex with her? I think he liked girls in the past but now is fully gay. Is this a good behavior on her part or should I think it's ok. Whether or not I didn't know her then should it matter to me. Because according to her she lived with him as roommates for ike 2 years. And now he is her BEST FRIEND FOR EVER. They both met through nursing school. So any ways. Did she or did she not have sex with him in the past or on that cruise to cabo. Help me out. I am still trying to figure her out. I send him a myspace message asking him "THEE question" if he had sex with her or not. Did I do the right thing? What should I assume? He hasn't logged on.
if he is gay it obviously doesn't matter to him. do you get turned on looking at naked guys? so if he really is gay i dont think its a big deal
What is "showing naked ***"?
I hear it on the radio and wonder what it means.
It refers to when someone's asterisks aren't fully clothed.
Which is it, Buck *** Naked or Butt *** Naked?
I was in a heated discussion about the proper way to say this ole saying but honestly I really didn't know who was right. Does anyone know the proper word? Buck/Butt???
it is buck naked, im perty sure it is... my red neck family uses that term a lot.
How can i trim my chest hair, its soooo long, Naked rubbing peanuts on my *** ?
please help
you need a lawn mower.
Do I have the right to be offended if my boyfriend is watching youtube videos of women's ***. Bare naked ***..?
Up close & personal. Shaking there ***' for 8 min. straight,being very sexual. He does it when I am not around of course, and does not know I know. Maybe I am overreacting? But obviously he hides it because he knows I wouldn't like it. Is he not satisfied, shouldn't i be enough? How would you handle this, especially if he had a history of seeking photos of very attractive women? Ladies would you be offended if your man did this all the time? Any insight would be appreciated, thank you!
I understand where you are coming from, my fiance would always look at other women, and it was always bothering me. I didn't say anything for a while and just kept it to myself but all that did was make it worse. So my advise to you would be to calmly approach him and explain how you feel about the situation. Do not tell him he isn't allowed to do it because that will only come off as being jealous and bossy. Just explain your feelings about how it makes you feel.
If he respects you then he will try his best to do whats best for you both.
Goodluck and be strong. If a man doens't respect you telling him your feelings then he shouldn't be a strong point in your life.
If you could go out in public naked would you?
What ever happened to streaking. its a great feeling to let it all hang out throw caution to the wind get but *** naked and run carefree through a public place in all your glory So would you?
If their are females involved then why not.simple
Where can i find naked pics of velvet sky and other tna knockouts and wwe divas?
where can i find naked photos of these hot *** divas ?
dnt even say im a perv cuz ik u would want to look to
Is it legal to fish naked on your boat on Lake Erie?
We saw people doing that over the weekend. Their boats name was NAKED ****
I would say "I DOUBT IT" because boating rules and regs fall into basically the same as automotive, so is it legal to drive down the highway naked, NO.
It's called indecent exposure in most states. But if no one see's them I guess it's not illegal, huh?
You have to get caught to get punished.
How do you make your women look Half Naked?
For wwe Smackdown vs Raw 2008 How do you make your women look Half Naked? And can you have a wwe or world Tag Team Championship Match instead of wwe or worldheavyweight in story mode? I don't have money for wwe Smackdown vs Raw 2009 or 2010 and no smart *** comments.
Just ask her to be like that.

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