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Most embarrassing punishment or spanking you ever got?
Give a detailed explanation of the most embarrassing punishment you ever got. Or of the most painful spanking you ever got. Who gave the punishment/spank? Why? How did you get over it?

The most detailed and embarrassing answer gets best answer.
My Aunt had one of those stupid novelty paddles they sell at some truck stops and tourist traps. It had the logo "For the Cute Little Deer With the Bear Behind" with an inartfully drawn bear and deer,. In a decidedly low life move, she had the paddle hanging in her kitchen. I was always intrigued by this piece of punster driven art, but had the class not to mention it to my cousins.

One time we were over there for some family function. One of Mom's big things was to tell me she "owed me a spanking." Of course, this was a debt I was always willing to forgive. But, in these cases, there was always an excellent chance of pardon, and there was time for, not only heartfelt remorse and effective lobbying, but transitory reform.

So I was pretty disgusted when my dweeby cousin had to inform Mom his mother had a paddle she could use. As if Mom had never noticed the stupid thing. Since he had caught Mom in the heat of the moment, she thought it a pretty good idea to give some immediate feedback on how very much she cared about me.

The accommodating little doof even went and smugly fetched the politically incorrect implement. Since I don't have the slightest idea what my offense was, I doubt it was terribly serious. I think Mom primarily wanted to show off that, despite her slightly bohemian ways, she was in fact, firmly in charge of her precocious daughter.

With all eyes on us--Mom, with her cute little dear in tow, retreated to a bedroom, where the bottom whacker was applied (to my mortification) according to the "bear behind" instructions. And lets just say it was a much more effective bun warmer than the electric one my Aunt used at the dinner table.

But even more than that--it was extraordinarily embarrassing!!!!

And I can still see my cousin's smug, amused face---and did I ever want to sock him--which given the circumstances was pretty much out of the question--at least right then.

But, I guess I got over the humiliation and sore behind by plotting my revenge.
Is it time for me to get a serious punishment spanking?
I have gotten totally outa line with gambling on lottery tickets. Spending to where my bills are behind. The reccomendation of a friend is. A serious bare bottomed punishment spanking and go to gamblers anonymous. Is she right?
That is excellent advice. ;-)

You may want to consider putting a profile on Collar Me to find a Domme to spank you. I will help you set it up if you wish.
Is spanking your guys still an okay form of punishment?
I know it used to be okay to spank your guys a few years back but now it seems that people take violence against guyren a lot more seriously, even if it's just some light spanking for punishment.

So I'm wondering if I could get in trouble for spanking my guys as a form of punishment. My sister spanks her adopted guyren all the time but obviously I have a better relationship with my guys because I actually gave birth to them.
You can't reason with a typical 3-year-old. A stinging butt works wonders. There are wrongs way to spank, but to spank is NOT wrong.
What is your opinion on corporal punishment (spanking)?
Should spanking be used as a punishment? What has your experience with spanking been? Should spanking be illegal? Why or why not?
I babysit a variety of guys, and the parents whodon't discipline their guys at all have the worst guys. The ones that spank have good guys - not because they spank specifically, but because they actually tell their guys NO and have a punishnment when the guy doesn't listen.

I think there should be clear legislation on when spanking becomes physical abuse, but sometimes a good whack on the butt is a necessary evil.
Poll: How do you perceive spanking as punishment for guyren?
I am doing a Persuasional speech for College and I decided to do it on Spanking and if its Abuse or Punishment. (Persuade the Punishment side)
And I believe that I need a public poll to get some views on this from the people themselves.
Now first, state whether you have been spanked before.
THen state facts about the person you are, meaning: Do you have a family? Have you been charged with a felony? (You don't have to tell me what it was for.)
Then tell me if the spanking you did or did not recieve affected your life today.
THen if you want to give an opinion, okay, but just don't rant off.
I need facts.
Personally, I will punish my future guyren with spankings. There is no way that I am going to let them off while I received spankings as a guy. I am a kind, warm person who smiles as much as possible and who learned from her punishment that certain actions were wrong. I did not learn to "HIT" others by this. So don't state that spanking only condones hitting.
In my opinion, spanking is a good consequence/punishment for unacceptable behavior, after warnings and other methods break down.

1. Yes, I, my husband, brother and 2 sisters have been spanked as guyren.
2. I have been married for 12 years, 3 guyren, no felony's or misdemeanors (that goes the same for my, husband, brother and sisters)
3. It's my thought that the idea that we could get spanked as guyren, persuaded us to walk the straight and narrow.
4. I do use spanking as a punishment for our 3 daughters. This of course after ample warnings, and when "newer age methods" break down.
5. I have never been in a fight in my life. However I don't really consider that to much of a accomplishment, since I am a female, who's demeanor is not to fight (i don't really think spanking had much to do with that) Now my husband is a big/strong guy and trained in many different martial arts, he is capable of doing dangerous things, however he too, has NEVER BEEN IN A FIGHT. We both agree that being spanked as guyren, helped keep us out of trouble, and didn't teach us to hit others. My siblings share our view on this.

Good Luck
Parents: What's your opinion on spanking/corporal punishment/physical punishment?
I am NOT a parent; I am a teenager. I am doing a paper on corporal punishment/spanking.

I'm NOT trying to stir any debates; I would just like to know whether most parents think that spanking is a good thing or a bad thing.

A simple answer will do just fine. You may choose to elaborate on your opinion but it is not needed. Thank you for your time.
I just kind of wanted to give you a heads up. Even though I know your intent is to not start debates or open a can of worms, I'll give you a friendly warning that there are some wild, out there extremists on both spectrums of the spanking/no spanking debate.

I will say I'm not a fan of spanking, but I don't completely oppose it either.

My opinion is that is wasn't right for our guys and they do not require it. I don't think it's wrong, evil or immoral, but I also don't think it's right for every situation or every guy. I think each guy is different and handles things differently. What works for one guy may not work for the next.
What are some good techniques when administering a firm belt spanking punishment on your significant other?
Tell me some true experiences.
Okay - here's a creative at-home toy, but I warn you, it can easily bring tears to your partner's eyes!

You can take a length of lamp cord, split it into about 5 pieces about 12 inches long, pulling apart the two sections, and firmly tape one end to a short section of 1" dowel - your own home made cat of nine tails.

Then, when you get your partner in that compromising position (works best it they're tied down!), bring it out, but be careful - only gentle swings, because those sections of cord sting like mad. A hard sting will leave welts - don't say I didn't warn you!

Are there schools out there that still use spanking as a punishment?
Are there still school out there (public or private) that still use spanking or is spanking in schools against the law in all states? Is there any incidents where you were punished in a inhumane way like being tied to a chair for not sitting still, forced to sit in the corner or go wait in a closet, been made fun of by teacher in front of class, held down by teacher or other student, forced to to do something that did not fit the punishment or being spanked even though it was against the school policies?
Twenty states allow paddling in public schools. Most all (Massachusetts is one exception) allow corporal punishment in private schools.

As a Mom and a teacher--who has taught in both spanking and nonspanking elementary schools, I really would like to see a return of the school paddle. I do not think it should be used often--indeed rarely. But there is a need for an ultimate "thermonuclear punishment" hanging out there.

As a teacher my ultimate punishment is to call the parents--unfortunately that doesn't mean much in many cases. The most the principal can do is suspension--which is highly inappropriate--especially in grade school--and honestly it is not really all that much of a punishment.

When I was in a school that allowed spanking I noticed, the few times I paddled, there was a rather profound, and lasting effect, on the entire class. Of course, the paddling was done in private with a witness--but the guys all knew what was going on--and it made a big, and lasting, improvement in their overall behavior and attitude.

I know the idea of spanking anywhere is controversial, and now many schools which do spank, let the parent opt their guy out. If they are going to do that then I don't think there should be any spanking at the school--is profoundly unfair and inequitable..

I recently came across a blog written by four elementary teachers who do favor corporal punishment (and practice it in their classrooms) in grade school (not middle or high school).called Teachers who Paddle
Do some schools in the United States still use Paddle spanking as punishment?
According to Wikipedia we do still do this in the United States in schools? I was sort of shocked by this but on the Wikipedia article about it, it says they still do in many schools. I thought it may have been a vandel on Wikipedia, but I checked the history and indeed it has not changed on the article. It says in the article it happens in private schools alot, but it never mentions it's fully banend in public schools.

Here is the link to it on Wikipedia if you want to see for yourself:…

I thought it had been banned across the country but apprantly not?
I know schools in Texas paddle and certain school districts in Tennesee paddle as well. But of the 50 states 23 still usel some sort of corporal punishment.

I was certain however that canada bannned this several years ago.
Is a good spanking an appropriate punishment for a wife?
My wife is 34 and a few times times, I came really close to striking her for spending our money carelessly behind my back; we're currently in some serious debt. My good friend told me that I should give her a good spanking with a whip the next time she pisses me off to release tension and avoid physical abuse. Is this form of punishment acceptable or illegal in the state of California?
I'm always trying to get my guy to put me over his knee and spank me!! But no matter how naughty I am, or try to be, he won't don't it! Damn!! ;)

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