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Why do people always talk this way about young teens?
I always hear people talk about 13-14 year olds in such a demeaning way. How they're too young to do much of anything. That they should be playing with Barbies. That they should be wearing their hair in pigtails and skipping around in a poodle skirt. That they shouldn't touch makeup. That they shouldn't kiss.
It's getting on my nerves, it really is. I know lots of teens aren't exactly mature but they are some that are and I don't think we should all be stereotyped and generalized.

Your thoughts?
Because A LOT of girls this age seem to think that they should act older than they really are in order to make friends and look cool, but all this really does is annoy the older girls.
I need a cite that has hairstyles for teens.?
Please help me i really need help. All i need is a cite with different hair tutorials. Please don't say Youtube i checked a million times there. i am really getting tired of having my hair up, straight, or in pigtails. Its getting really old. Please help.
Anyone know any cute hairstyles for a teen?
please give mutiple links with insturctions and pictures of cute hairstyles for teens other than ponytails and pigtails unless they are different





What are some cute hairdos for African American Teens?
Ok so this coming year I am going to be a freshman and I want different hairdos. I have long African American black hair that I keep straight with a flat iron and hot comb. I already do the half up half down, 2 pigtails, ponytail with a pouf, twisties, braids, and I also wear it down with a curl or a flip. But I want something different pleaze help.
Oh and I also have bangs.

But agin ur help would be appreciated.

French Braid
A Bun
Side Bun
Part in the middle with a side Ponytail or Braid
Part in the middle two pieces hanging on both sides with a Bun or ponytail
Ponytail with spiral curls
Check out this Youtube user she has different hair and makeup styles for everyone!
Should I feel embarrassed that I'll go out wearing pigtails (side ponytails I mean) for first time ever ?
i'm 13, and basically i grew up with short ,chin-length hair up until recently,when my mum (we're chinese) allowed me to grow my hair a bit longer...my hair is very THICK ,so basically now that hair is a bit over shoulders ,I began wearing a plain ponytail,tied usually low,at nape.

problem is,I'm flying tomorrow to China (from NYC) and my mum (really conservative) wants me to look very dressy for the trip,as there will be lots of relatives waiting for us at airport in China ,so she wants me to have my hair neatly done, in 2 pigtails (because it's really an appropriate look for a chinese teen girl,she said) tied high,couple inches above ears ! and worse I don't even have bangs...I have never experienced with pigtails at all,not even low/messy ones,so now she wants me to go for high ones...she even bought me extra hair elastics for pigtails,the Hello Kitty set



my mum just doesn't like how my hair looks when down/undone :-((( I hate to fight over this,cause she keeps yelling at me... I actually tried to practice the pigtails ,but I was not able to do the straight parting in the back,so she took over and did them for me,but I felt kind of uncomfortable,she tied them soooo tight..... I just wouldn't want to get a headache during the flight,from wearing them.... ??
It sucks that you have to wear pigtails. But, your still young and you wont be in New York with them in your hair so .. you shouldn't be embarrassed.

Plus, you'll make a good impression on your relatives.

Don't worry about it.
Harry Potter fans, what do you think Dudley Dursley could have seen when he was attacked by the dementors?
I´m asking those fans with lots of fantasy. Do you think it´s something in his early guyhood or in his teens? Could it perhaps be the pigtail Hagrid once gave him;-) (No, not really...)
I´ll be pleased about any suggestion!
The dementors make you relive your worst memory... not see your biggest fear.

So, here's a theory... In book 7, there is going to be a character who is a "late bloomer" and does magic late in life. I think that will be Dudley. I think his worst memory was that he did something magical when he was little, probably like Harry did all the time accidentally, and his parents punished him for doing it. They "squashed" the magic out of him maybe. That could also be why Dumbledore said they had inflicted so much damage on Dudley.
What is with these freaky, out there models nowadays?
So I was looking through a Teen Vogue magazine recently...and my God, what is up with those models? They don't look remotely pretty, in my opinion, and actually kind of freaky! Tall, skinny, with huge eyes, small lips, crazy makeup and out of control whacky hair styles. Umm...? And one add for Prada had a model with pigtails and glasses and she just looked scary weird to me! Does anyone else agree?
The models dont pick their makeup, hair or clothes. The important thing is, you REMEMBER them and the product, which you do.
1. Lick peanut butter off a hobo's toe or have peanut butter licked off you by a lion?

2. Die from dehydration or drink urine as water?

3. Chew a piece of toenail off a dirty man's foot or thoroughly lick his unshowered armpit?

4. Run across a large vacant field containing 1,000 angry rattlesnakes or three land mines?

5. Live in a porta-potty or a sewer?

6. Watch the scariest movie by yourself in a dark room or be chased by a mean Rottweiler?

7. Live without music or live without TV?

8. Immerse your naked body in a bathtub of cockroaches or dive naked head first into a pool of tobacco spit?

9. Lose your legs or lose your arms?

10. Eat poison ivy or a handful of bumblebees?

11. Be gossiped about or never talked about at all?

12. Marry the first person you see tomorrow or never marry?

13. Marry an ugly billionaire or marry a hot poor person?

14. Be caught picking your nose constantly or picking your wedgie constantly?

15. End hunger or hatred?

16. Only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?

17. Have 500 tarantulas in your house or 1,000 crickets jumping in your room?

18. Have a big group of friends or one very close friend?

19. Be saved by Superman or meet Winnie the Pooh?

20. Always take a cold shower or sleep an hour less than you need to be fully rested?

21. Brush your teeth with a pigtail or comb your hair with a rake used to clean up the pigs' crap?

22. Be fat and beautiful or skinny and horribly ugly?

23. Skip Christmas for a year, or skip your birthday for a year?

24. Fly when you fart or pee every time you laugh?

25. Be invisible or be able to read minds?

26. Swim in a pool of human blood for an hour, or hang upside down for 8 hours?

27. Get caught singing in the mirror or spying on your crush?

28. Love and not be loved back, or be loved but never love?

29. Would you rather have everything you have dream't of (materialistically) or have the love of the one you love?

30. Would you rather pole dance buck naked in front of your grand parents, or have sex with your dad?

hahahah your turn ;)
1. have peanut butter licked off me by a lion (i <3 lions ^.^)

2. drink pee, durrh

3. Chew a piece of toenail off a dirty man's foot

4. three land mines, easy

5. sewer, I could have all sorts of fun pretending to be some sort of monster! RAWR

6. Chased by a mean Rottweiler easily, i'll just kick the damn thing in the teeth. Moar adrenaline

7. Live without TV!!

8. Dive naked head first into a pool of tobacco spit... :( i hate bugs..

9. Lose your legs, if it were my arms i couldn't play games!

10. Eat Ivy, again, hate bugs, well not bumble bees, they're nice..

11. Be gossiped about! but good gossip :D

12. Never marry, the first person i see tomorrow will be my old housemaster on wakeup duty.

13. Marry an ugly billionaire! have guy, divorce, get loads of money and be free to marry a nice person.

14. Be caught picking your wedgie constantly? wtf os a wedgie?

15. End hatred.

16. Only be able to whisper.

17. Have 500 tarantulas. Large, easy to see.

18. Have a big group of friends, I have one or two very close friends and although its great, you feel rather trapped.

19. Meet Winnie the Pooh!!

20. Always take a cold shower.

21. Comb your hair with a rake used to clean up the pigs' crap, sterlise it! lol...

22. Be fat and beautiful.

23. Skip Christmas for a year, not fond of christmas...

24. Fly when you fart!!! DUDE! ************* FLYING!!! be awesome >.>

25. Be invisible. I dont want to know what people think of me :)

26. Swim in a pool of human blood for an hour. Been there done that.

27. Get caught singing in the mirror. weird but not pervy

28. Love and not be loved back.

29. Would you rather have everything you have dream't of (materialistically). dont love anyone atm,

30. Would you rather pole dance buck naked in front of your grand parents. All OAPs in my family are dead and gay incest isn't my thing. (straight incest however...)
What do you think of young adults/older teens wearing pig tail braids at the water park?
last weekend my friend and i went to a water park for the day. I have very hard to manage hair so i had pig tail braids in my hair. I thought it was cute, and it makes my hair so much easier to handle after the park in the shower and stuff. Apparently a lot of people do this pigtail braid thing. there were a lot of like 16-23 [i'm just guessing based on looks] year olds walking around with their hair like that. my friend passed a comment [she had her hair in a messy bun which i think is crazy i would have a head full of knots if i tried that in the water] and she said "those people are too old to have pig tail braids"

i was thinking wait i'm 17 and i'm wearing them? and i said well i am wearing them? and she was like "no kels no offense to you, you're different"

like wtf? how am i different?
well I mean if they are over 30 I would say no. but I think it is cute if you are a teen or in your early twenties. My hair is really curly and really thick. it was the worst thing in the world to have to brush it out so I would do that. but I got it cut really short a long time ago. I can finally put it in a pony tail now. haha. its easier with short hair personally. but the braids are cute and easy.
Need help finding pictures for my costume idea.?
I want to do something similar to ugly betty. Kinda like a goofy looking teen with big magnified glasses, braces, bright bold make up, frizzy pigtails.
Go on line and type Ugly Betty TV Show. There are plenty of pictures there. Happy Halloween!!!

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